Current Research

CoSInE (COmpetition and Site INteractions Experiment)

The main objective is to develop a desicion support system with  focus on how site conditions and chemical vegetation management treatments interact to effect seedling survival and growth in PNW.  The study utilize a 2 x 2 x 2 factorial design, where factor 1 corresponds to fall site preparation, factor 2 corresponds to spring release during growing season 1, and factor 3 corresponds to spring release during growing season 2. 

The project aims to better understand the effects of vegetation management treatments on the soil and plant water relations of conifer plantations in the Pacific North West by analyzing conifer seedling and competing vegetation interactions during the first two years after planting. The study will include periodic assessments of biomass growth, water use and nutrient content of seedling and competing vegetation. Additional plant water potential and gas exchange will be carried out as well.